logan paul antonio brown

Logan Paul and Antonio Brown have been beefing for a few weeks now after a few series of Tweets were shared between the two. Antonio Brown expressed his desire to fight Logan Paul in a boxing ring which Logan excitingly accepted the challenge.


50cent and French Montana have been at each other's neck for a while, and it looks like they’re not stopping anytime soon. A video emerged on social media allegedly showing the aftermath of 50cent punching French Montana in the face.

yung ro blueface kali meek mill

Yung Ro and Blueface have been going back and forth over Instagram and have now brought Blueface's sister "Kali" into the mix.

yung ro blueface kali meek mill

Yung Ro and his friend went live on Instagram the other night adding more fire to the beef between himself and Blueface. "Where ya sister at? I'm a hit her with all of these," his friend says while holding an assault rifle.

ayisha diaz

Earlier this week Love & Hip Hop Star Anais took to Instagram live to what seems like address an issue she conjured up with sisters Ashley & Ayisha Diaz.