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Fredo Bang on Why He Calls Himself "Most Hated"

Fredo Bang on Why He Calls Himself

DJVlad In this clip, Fredo Bang stopped by after last chopping it up with Vlad back in March of 2020. Fredo talked about leveling up since then and recounted some of the major features he's had, the projects he's dropped, and the plaques he's collected along the way. He also detailed the concept behind the album art for "In the Name of G," and what made it unique in relation to some of his other projects.

In addition, Fredo Bang spoke about linking up with Lil Durk for the "Top" remix, and he revealed that he's really selective with who he picks for songs, because he wants to keep the original integrity of the song. Fredo then stated that he knew Durk was right for the "Top" remix because he had the most to speak about, and he and Vlad agreed that Durk killed it. Moving along, Fredo Bang addressed why he calls himself the "most hated," and he also spoke about people slandering his name with false information. To hear more, including being loyal to his label, hit the above clip.

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