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Brooklyn’s booming talent, WithLoveXavier is taking over 2022

Brooklyn’s booming talent, WithLoveXavier is taking over 2022

Brooklyn’s booming talent, WithLoveXavier is taking over 2022 as he will be jet-setting and traveling WithLove. R&B’s multifaceted remedy, WithLoveXavier is still enjoying the cyclone of good fortune surrounding his most recent project, Girls Love Xavi - EP and is now bringing the popular project on tour!

The release came to fans as a breath of fresh air, laced with 4-tracks that relate to the masses. His hot new EP follows up his trendy track titled, “Lover Bestie” featuring PriyaTheMystic off of his debut album, This Is Fine. In fact, his 2021 smash summer single “Lover Bestie” set the tone for his hot new hit-making masterpiece. It provided the summer vibes and romance we’ve all been craving and raving about before stepping into cuffin’ season.

Both back to back projects continue to spread like wildfire garnering support from fans across the world. Resonating globally and going viral in countries such as: Germany, France, and South Africa to name a few. This is just the beginning and is a dream come true for a young man from Brooklyn, New York.

WithLoveXavier is quickly becoming known for his unique lyricism paired with his way of relating and expressing emotions through music. Since stepping on the scene in 2019 with his steamy single “Feenin’”, Xavi has unleashed back to back bangers including stream-stackers “Deserve It” and “Good Vibes” along with a slew of others. His impeccable talent for producing hits has earned him over 5 million streams and counting across all platforms.

WithLoveXavier Is R&B’s Remedy

As previously mentioned, WithLoveXavier has mastered the ability of resonating with his listeners. In doing so, he connects and shares his emotions with each and every fan who presses play on his music. Through every track and with every performance, when you hear him sing, you can hear his emotions in their most raw form. This allows his fans to delve deeper into his artistry and have an idea of who WithLoveXavier truly is.

His passion for songwriting has been a focal point in his life for as long as he can remember. But music is not the end-all-be-all for Xavi. In addition, WithLoveXavier aspires to carve out a desirable spot on the R&B landscape before branching out into fashion and other forms of entertainment. With his trailblazing talents and phenomenal creativity, music is just a stepping stone for WithLoveXavier’s long lasting career. 


With outside slowly opening back up, Xavi is gearing up for his WithLove world tour set to kick off in his hometown in New York before stopping in South Africa, London, Paris and Germany(May 21st - 25th). Recently he’s been slowly but surely unveiling the details regarding his upcoming tour dates, so be sure to stay tuned to his socials. Finally fans worldwide will be able to enjoy the WithLoveXavier experience and feel the vivacious and vibrant vibes of all things Xavi and R&B!

If you haven’t already, be sure to to tap in and add WithLoveXavier to your playlist. Get familiar with the Billboard breaking artist whos ready to take the industry by storm! You won’t be disappointed! For now, press play on his latest offering Girls Love Xavi - EP. Lastly, let us know what you think here at The Music Industry Report.  


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