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LadiBree Shuts Down Move Forward Fest

LadiBree Shuts Down Move Forward Fest

To bless the stage, the Move Forward Music Fest brought out MLM Entertainment artist Ladibree to open up. The event was streamed live from Knockdown Center in Queens via Twitch. Of course, to no disappointment — the MFF team showed up and showed out.

The Staten Island rhymer has recently been making headlines in the music business, and had the honor of opening the show as a rookie. Nobody expected what was happening next, but one thing is certain: they will never forget it.

She took possession of the stage right away with her opening freestyle, which followed DJ Modny's intro. The stage never stopped heating up after that! Then LadiBree entered the stage with Migs718, another MLM artist, and a dancing team that included Sadboy, Dari, and Taiana.

The thrill of the dancers' performance, as well as Ladibree and Migs718's chemistry, lit the place up! To keep the momentum going, Ladibree took advantage of the situation and delivered a complete set of heat. She not only gave the audience a night to remember, but she also debuted a fresh new record called "All Sides," which she co-wrote with singer Steph.

Lastly, the show wrapped up with B.A.M. (Bust a Move), which had the entire venue doing exactly that!

Take a look at the set list below.

“Ladibree (Intro) Freestyle”


“Bruce Wayne”

“I Lied”

“All Sides”

“Pop Shit”

“B.A.M. ( Bust A Move)

Furthermore, Ladibree took advantage of the opportunity at the Knockdown Center and outperformed all expectations. Ladibree is building a name for herself and cementing her place in the industry thanks to her effort, talent, and consistency. Ladibree and the MLM Entertainment team, lead by Mike Loco Hoffman, really tore up the stage!

The 1500+ people in attendance enjoyed every minute of it, from the lyricism to the dancing and stage presence. FOLLOW LADIBREE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube | Website Photographer: Paul Taylor