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Lil Web Gearing Up To Drop Next Music Video “No Brakes” 2022

Lil Web Gearing Up To Drop Next Music Video “No Brakes” 2022

Many popular artists find their love for music during their grade school years. Jack Webster, aka Lil Web is one prime example of that phenomena. During Web’s freshman year in high school he would use the school iPads to record his music. The lack of music resources didn’t stop the Pennsylvania upcoming artist from releasing music on Soundcloud and Youtube.

After graduating high school, Lil Web attended Lydon State College majoring in MBI which was the schools music program. Unfortunately, school work and recording music would become a major conflict in Web’s life. Ultimately choosing to pursue his music career, Lil Web did attend one year in college which was cut shortly after Covid19 broke out.

However, when things began to calm down, Web went for his 3rd job and secured a new living space and personal studio. From there he’s been working on new music and his next music video release “No Brakes”. In a recent interview he said, "I’m not just doing this dream for myself I wanna help my mom, brother, close friends, give back to my fans, my loved ones ect. - Lil Web

Lil Web looks up to a lot of the 802 rappers such as, Real Ricky and North Ave Jax. He also admires the support from his friends and family who have been in his corner since the beginning. To learn more or listen to more Lil Web music checkout the links below!

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