50 Cent "Nah no clap back" for Dre's Daughter

50 Cent

(Image via Instagram/50cent)

50 Cent experienced some heated backlash from Dr. Dre's daughter, Truly Young after making remarks about the Dre family. 50 re-posted an image of himself holding a phone with the caption,

"Dr dre’s daughter just told me to shut the fuck up. 🤐LOL"


The image comes after 50 made a previous post highlighting Dre's estranged wife wanting $2M in monthly support. 50 captioned,

“these bitches be crazy how do you even ask for 2 million a month.” - 50 Cent

Truly wasn't happy with this and lashed back with a length story on her Instagram saying this.

50 Cent commented a second time on his recent post stating that,

"Nah no clap back i’m gonna need dre to make the beats, new music coming soon."

Looks like 50 is choosing his battle wisely on this one. More to come.

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