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Azealia Banks Is Back At It Again As She Trolls And Body-Shames Doja Cat

Azealia Banks Is Back At It Again As She Trolls And Body-Shames Doja Cat The Music Industry Report INC.

Written by MinneeTellsItAll (Image via Getty)

In her heart, it seems as though Azealia Banks has some resentment and hatred towards others in the industry. From the jump, her career didn’t exactly go according to plan. In fact, it’s as though the industry evidently blackballed her for her multiple defamatory remarks against other artists, including Kanye West, Lana Del Rey, and countless others.

Although Banks is creative and her talent is undeniable, her mouth always seems to mess up a good thing and get her in trouble. It’s unfortunate considering she introduced a new take on rap in the early 2010s.

Earlier today, Azealia was spotted all over the headlines for a number of complex reasons. The “212” artist kicked off her day going into her yard and digging up her deceased cat before boiling its corpse and using the skull as decoration. In addition, she then went on to continue her bullying tirade. Shifting her attention away from fat-shaming Lana Del Rey and redirecting it to Doja Cat. Who might I add, is far from over weight.

While watching the official music video for “Juicy” by Doja Cat, Banks shares a few unpleasant remarks.

“This is disgusting… Doja, you look fat and you look disgusting. No! This is disgusting. This is pre-diabetic, b*tch! Disgusting."

Before she continues to bully the “Best Friend” artist, by saying, "This is terrible. Doja, you're fat," she quickly touches on the Chinese and American beauty standards. Take a look below to see for yourself!

Currently Doja Cat is in her prime and is one of the hottest artists out right now. Considering Azealia hasn’t had a hit in years, it seems as though the NY rhymer may be bitter and jealous of Doja Cat’s recent musical success.

Take a look below at some of the tweets that fans have been sharing since the incident. Let us know here at The Music Industry Report what you think in the comments!



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