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DaBaby Sued for Knocking Out 64yr old Home Owner's Tooth

DaBaby Sued for Knocking Out 64yr old Home Owner's Tooth The Music Industry Report INC.

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According to TheBlast, DaBaby is being sued for knocking out a 64 year old home owner's tooth. In December, DaBaby rented a vacation home in the Runyon Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills, under the condition that he would only have 12 people on the property.

The home owner, Gary Pager, allegedly said Dababy had 40 people at the rental home shooting a music video, which he said was a violation of the leasing agreement. In the lawsuit, Gary mentions that DaBaby was in the car with Jake Paul as he was approaching the home to shutdown the shoot.

That's when he was knocked down by an unknown person, while DaBaby got out of the car to chase him into the house. From there, DaBaby warned Gary not to call the police then allegedly sucker punched him in the mouth, knocking out his tooth.

The home owner also claims Dababy and his crew destroyed security cameras to hide the fact they had more than 12 people on the property. In addition, Gary claimed the group taunted him by throwing his phone back and forth.

Gary filed the lawsuit Monday. More on this story to come.

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