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Eazy Da Block Captain Is Bringing Battle Rap Mainstream & More

Eazy Da Block Captain Is Bringing Battle Rap Mainstream & More

Jumping into the journey of Hip-Hop history, it’s worth exploring how and when lyrical low blows and savage diss tracks became a rap staple. Although there’s a handful of battle rappers that paved the way — Philly’s promising newcomer Eazy The Block Captain, is pioneering the shift in today’s increasingly digital age. Bringing it back to the beginning, Eazy’s rapid-fire trade-offs started in the streets of Philadelphia as an outlet. Fast forward to today and he has mastered turning his pain into critically acclaimed success.

In Philadelphia, the era of battle rap is vastly different from today's rap. You're talking about a group of lyricists standing in a circle, simply spitting raw freestyles to the beat of a speaker. Straight from the top of the dome, the emcee is letting off heavy verses, metaphors, play on words, and storytelling all while letting go of the pain. It was all about who could spit the best in cyphers and battle rap, and the crowd would decide. The crowd would tell you if you were corny or if you had some hot bars just by their enthusiasm and excitement. Imagine You Got Served, except instead of dancing, you're rapping. Putting on for Philly, he has been seen on the world's largest battle rap leagues including Ultimate Rap League and Rare Breed Entertainment. This is Eazy The Block Captain on a bigger stage.

Breaking barriers, the actor, battle rapper and recording artist got his big break in battle rap culture, on the most respected stage, The URL (Ultimate Rap League). Followed by the renown success garnered through the URL platform, Eazy goes on to make his television debut in NBC's Peacock network's 'Bel Air’. In fact, it serves as a new twist on the iconic series "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. It takes a more serious look at Will Smith's early years in life. As a result, Eazy plays Rashad, a real-life guy who influenced Will Smith's life.

After witnessing one of Eazy’s highly anticipated rap battles live in 2021, Director Morgan Cooper knew she had to tap in with the trendy talent. Next, Eazy was approached and he turned out to be a natural on set. Now, you can press play of season one which is available now on Peacock and check out Eazy’s talent in 4K! Trailblazing into a worldwide wonder and sensation, Eazy is spending 2022 to continue building on his brand.

Keeping the energy alive is none other than Philly’s rising rhymer, Eazy The Block Captain. This multifaceted musician used his lyrically inclined battle rap bars to build the foundation for his empire and continues to stack the stepping stones. As an actor, battle rapper and recording artist, Eazy effortlessly evolves and carves out his own lane with every new opportunity.

Recently, Eazy became an ambassador for which provides over 2000+ premium channels including some of your favorites like Starz, Showtime, HBO with the option to bundle with our splendid sports packages. Additionally, he is a YouTube partner and content creator with more than 20,000 subscribers and counting!

Bringing non stop viral madness, Eazy The Block Captain creates captivating content that breaks the internet every time! Whether in the form of a single or fresh off his YouTube series, Bar For Bar, where he breaks down and evaluates battle rappers' lyrics; the entertainment always hits! 

Currently having 29 battles catalogued, all of which total 1M+ views, Eazy shows no signs of letting up anytime soon! For now, get familiar with Eazy The Block Captain and all things battle rap, GuttaCity, GoatedTV, and Himothy: Chapter 1! Lastly, let us know what you think! 


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