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George White The Speaker Is The New 2021 Motivational Speaker

George White The Speaker Is The New 2021 Motivational Speaker The Music Industry Report INC.

Coming from humble beginnings, George White has always had a passion to inspire, motivate, and encourage others. Growing up in the projects of East Texas, George didn't have very many opportunities, and being raised in a single family home had its challenges as well. However, George persisted and found a love for football playing for the Westwood Panthers. There he learned and developed his leadership skills, communication, and became a role model.

When George found Christ, he discovered the true version of himself, despite the alcohol addiction, barely graduating high school, and getting kicked out of college, he pushed through and became very successful in the corporate world. George also found his wife at the age of 23, her and her two boys have changed George’s life teaching him responsibility. This new growth led George to many new endeavors including a self published book titled “24 Phases of Life”.

George White The Speaker continues and is dedicated to changing lives and motivating people. He is a firm believer in God and has a kingdom mindset which stands on prayer. George recently opened up a few new workshops to help guide and encourage people. If you want to learn more about George White then click the links below or join one of his workshops!


Instagram: @iamgeorgewhitethespeaker

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