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Grand Juror Wants Breonna Taylor Audio

Grand Juror Wants Breonna Taylor Audio The Music Industry Report INC.

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One grand juror is requesting Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, to hand over the audio transcript of the grand jury recordings. The anonymous grand juror filed a motion requesting all recordings, transcripts and reports of the grand jury to be released to the public.

Download the motion tap here.

This motion comes after a key part of Breonna's case was over shadowed. Officers said they announced themselves before entering. However, Breonna's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said they didn't and that's why he shot thinking they were intruders.

Attorney General Cameron said a week prior that a witness heard the officers announce themselves. But Taylor family's attorney, Benjamin Crump told CBS that his team spoke to 12 witnesses who did not hear police announce themselves.

The video footage will make clear if police announced themselves or not. Matters on if the video will be released to the public are unknown. More on this case to come.

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