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King Von Funeral Photos and Obituary

King Von Funeral Photos and Obituary The Music Industry Report INC.

King Von funeral photos and obituary surfaced after he was laid to rest on Sunday, November 19 during a private Chicago funeral. The gathering consisted of only close friends and family to ensure the safety of everyone. King Von's children were there along with his baby mama, Kema who took an Instagram story shot saying,

"Love you Babydad,"

king von funeral photos

A video of King Von funeral photos and obituary surfaced on Twitter with the caption saying,

UPDATE: King Von Obituary Isn’t Fake, His Sister Kayla Posted It On Her IG Story Earlier Today!

King Von was shot and killed November 6

After leaving Opium Nightclub, King Von went to attend a party at Monaco Hookah Lounge on 255 Trinity Avenue. Upon arrival, an opposing group threatened King Von and his entourage which escalated into a street fight.

king von funeral photos hookah lounge

Shots were fired between the two groups ending in King Von's early demise. A few Atlanta off duty police happen to be running security that night and were also engaged in gunfire between the rival groups. It was reported that King Von's death was not caused by police crossfire.

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