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Lil Tjay Arrested for 4 Loaded Guns And Weed

Lil Tjay Arrested for 4 Loaded Guns And Weed The Music Industry Report INC.

According to TMZ, Tjay was caught Wednesday afternoon in Brooklyn and arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, marijuana possession and grand larceny.

The bust came just 4 days before NYPD searched TJay, which they came up with nothing. Lil Tjay was in the car with 4 other passengers when they were pulled over for switching lanes without signaling. The police officer smelled weed which prompt him to search the car. The officer found 4 loaded handguns and a large amount of marijuana. 

None of the passengers including Lil Tjay took ownership of the firearms and weed, which caused everyone to be hit with possession charges. It is still unclear why there is a grand larceny charge as well. More on this story to come.

Image Via TMZ

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