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Lil Uzi Vert And Fat Joe Interview Breakdown [Full Video]

Lil Uzi Vert And Fat Joe Interview Breakdown [Full Video] The Music Industry Report INC.

(Source & Image Via IG: @fatjoe)

Fat Joe Apologized For Past Words About Uzi - 0:37

Fat Joe apologized for past words about Uzi being inspired by Lil Wayne. Joe mentioned that he never meant for it to be disrespectful and that people miss construed what he said. Uzi responded by saying, he wasn’t offended but actually honored that the legend recognized him in that way.
“Just look at me, what you see?” - Lil Uzi Vert
“I see a 24 million dollar mother f***ing diamond on that forehead” - Fat Joe

Lil Uzi Addressed Diamond Forehead Backlash - 1:34

Uzi abruptly began to address recent comments made about his pink diamond implant saying,

“I can’t help that a natural diamond cost that much” - Lil Uzi Vert

He explained that fans were concerned about his financial well being after the $24 million purchase, but ensured Joe by saying,

“It ain’t hurt me” - Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Shared Where His Inspiration Came From - 3:09

Joe asked Uzi what inspired him to get the diamond implant and Uzi’s response was interesting. Uzi went on to say that he was in the jewelry store but felt as if he already had everything. When he spotted the diamond, his original idea was to craft a ring, however, Uzi felt that wasn't turnt up enough.

Uzi Argued With The Jeweler Before The Implant - 5:08  

Uzi described a heated argument between him and his jeweler who was opposed to the implant idea. The jeweler expressed that it was almost insane to the average person, to which Uzi replied,

“I’m Lil Uzi Vert, what can I say?”

Joe Asks Uzi About Marilyn Manson And The 27 Club - 7:30

Fat Joe asked Uzi about his love for Marilyn Manson and the 27 Club. Uzi vaguely explained the matter but ultimately expressed that he didn't really believe in the 27 Club anymore saying,

“I’m not scared to die, but who the f**k wants to die?”

Joe Asks Uzi How He Diversifies Money - 7:59

Uzi broke down the philosophy behind his money-making skills by saying that, in order to make money you can’t focus on it. He explained that he focused on being on time and doing good business.

How Uzi Got The Name Lil Prince - 10:43

Joe asked Uzi if it was Jay-Z that called him “Lil Prince”. Uzi replied saying it was a mix between Jay-Z and OGY. Previous comments were made that Uzi’s project reminded them of Purple Rain.

Uzi “Why Would He Put A Target On His Head?” - 16:52

Uzi mentioned that he sees everything, all of the memes, comments, and the haters. He talked about people asking why he would put a target on his head and that he was going to get hurt.

Uzi Talks About His Mother & Grandmother Telling Him No - 22:19

Although Uzi's Mother and Grandmother have opposing opinions on tattoos and piercings, they both agreed that Uzi should not have gotten the piercing.

Uzi Explains His Encounter With Akademiks - 26:20

Uzi described his encounter at his show with Akademiks and how fans were not happy about him being there. Uzi said that he didn't have any issues with Akademiks and called him a good guy.

Joe Asks When Uzi Will Drop New Music - 28:09

Joe asked Uzi when he was going to drop new music, Uzi replied, "soon". Uzi went into more details on how he felt about his last release saying it wasn't his greatest work.

Uzi Wanted To Be Like Mike Jones - 30:59

Uzi would call the Mike Jones number 281-330-8004 in hopes that he could talk to him. He also was a big fan of Lil Wayne and bought a fake piercing to put under his lip.

End Of Interview

The interview ended with Uzi mentioning he had to get back to work. He turned the camera to show Joe the studio microphone in front of him. They both exchanged warm good-byes and ended the chat.

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