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Lil Wayne Supports Donald Trump's Platinum Plan

Lil Wayne Supports Donald Trump's Platinum Plan The Music Industry Report INC.
On Thursday, Lil Wayne Tweeted his support for Donald Trump and the Platinum Plan. He reassured fans and voters that the plan would bring real ownership to the community and that President Trump would execute.

Although the plan promises to bring better opportunities to back owned communities, fans were not happy and very disappointed in Tunechi's (Lil Wayne) support saying,

Omg Wayne I'm your biggest fan. You can't believe his lies. He hates black people and women and everyone basically aside from Ivanka. Seriously no, this is heart breaking.

Recently more artists have come out in support of Trump including Lil Pump who made his announcement earlier this week. As election day gets closer campaigning reaches an all time high. More on this story to come.

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