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Teen Rapper Accidentally Shoots Friend In Chest

Teen Rapper Accidentally Shoots Friend In Chest The Music Industry Report INC.

(Image via Google Street Maps The incident occurred in Hialeah (pictured), in northwest Miami, on October 22)

October 22, Jonathan Batista, 18, and his friend Brian Shakur Meridor were shooting a music video in a northwest Miami apartment. According to Miami Herald, during the video shoot, Jonathan accidentally discharged a gun hitting his friend Brian in the chest. When local police arrived they found Jonathan applying pressure to the gunshot wound in Brian’s chest.

Brian was taken to the hospital where he later died. An arrest report written by Hialeah Detective Wilber Gonzalez said that Jonathan told officers “he didn't mean to shoot the victim and that the gun wasn't supposed to work.”

Johnathan was charged with manslaughter and possession of a stolen gun that was reported from a car in Broward County, according to police. Batista is scheduled for arraignment November 20, and has been released on bond awaiting his trial.

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