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Tory Lanez Father Sonstar Interview With Will

Tory Lanez Father Sonstar Interview With Will The Music Industry Report INC.

Sonstar, the father of superstar artist Tory Lanez, sat down Friday evening with William from TMIR in a riveting and exciting interview.

The interview started off with Sonstar giving a brief background on his up bringing and what influenced him musically. “I was born in Barbados” he said while explaining the different genres that influenced the island including calypso and reggae.

In 1972 Tory’s father, Sonstar migrated to Toronto from Barbados. There he discovered his love for street dance and music forming a band called “Solar Express”. Solar Express achieved many goals and appeared on high level TV stations in Toronto.  

As the conversation went on Sonstar was asked by William what he thought the difference between the music industry now compared to then was. Sonstar explained that technology and social media is the biggest difference. He mentioned artists like Lil Nas X, and how he had the ability to achieve a high level of success with out major label support or corporate sponsorship.

Sonstar also highlighted his son Tory’s work ethic by telling a story of a time where Tory was peddling his CDs at a local mall. “Tory has hustle”, he asserted. The father of superstar, Tory Lanez went on to explain that he did not teach Tory as a child to fail. He instilled faith and that with God’s guidance all things were possible.

“Music was always in the mix” Tory’s father said. He further explained that he made sure the ability to express themselves through creative ways was reinforced daily. He always taught his children to be creative and think on their own including his other brothers and sister. “We are the tribe of Sonstar”, he declared.

“Tory is a stage name” Digging a bit deeper, Sonstar enlightened Will on the meaning behind Tory Lanez’s real name "Daystar" and how it came to be. Coming from a biblical verse the ultimate meaning of Daystar is the “Progressive unveiling of the truth” his father stated. This was the reason why Tory labeled his most recent album Daystar, to reveal the truth.

As the interview went more into depth, Sonstar began to address the high incarceration rate among young black males and more specifically artists. He encouraged people to keep following the dream in their heart. He also mentioned the birth of a brand new grandchild on the exact day of this interview.

“People don’t take the time to do their own research” Sonstar condemned the fans and followers who didn’t take the time to examine all the facts before deciding on their public opinion. “People are drawn to drama” he explained. “Drama entices us but love inspires us” he went on to repeat the phrase a second time driving the message home for all viewers.

Sonstar genuinely expressed his concern saying, “we are praying for Megan, we mean her no ill will”. Tory’s father revealed that Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez had never fought nor argued, not even during the night of the alleged shooting saying, “those two have never been in an argument not even on the so called night in question.”

But what was most interesting was Sonstar’s take on the situation. He said, “It’s a bunch of hypocrisy and bad actors.” He mentioned that there was an agenda being pushed to tear Tory down. When asked by Will what he wanted the outcome to be, Sonstar said, “I want total exoneration for my son.”

He began to highlight a Tekashi 6ix9ine interview were he also talks about the hypocrisy he encountered in the music industry. He also criticized Roc Nation’s COO for striking a deal with the feds for a drug charge. Sonstar’s points were ultimately made to ask the public what was the difference between his son Tory and other artists who have done worse.

Tory’s father continued to scold Roc Nation and Megan Thee Stallion’s attorney, Alex Sparrow for manipulating public opinion with false narratives and alleged fake evidence given to the court. “He is working the court of public opinion” Sonstar expressed.

Despite public and media opinion, Sonstar defended his son and his actions behind dropping the album “Daystar” in response to the allegations against him. We learned that Tory’s initial intent was to drop the album on the day his mother passed in September. However, it was over shadowed by the Breonna Taylor movement and Meg Thee Stallion allegations.

But the turbulence didn’t stop the Sonstar tribe from raising their voices and responding adequately to the claims. Sonstar said, “we do pray for her.” He mentioned how Megan doesn’t own her music nor her name and that the record labels are using her to earn political points. “What are we really dealing with here?” Sonstar asked.

“Get ready because we are about to make a lot of noise” Sonstar said in full confidence reinforcing that his son Tory Lanez is innocent and the situation will resolve in a positive way.

Towards the end of the interview Sonstar said, “nobody is going to make us hate, we want to see a positive outcome.” He ended with a huge shoutout to us here at TMIR saying, “I want to see you blow up!" If you want to learn more about Tory Lanez's father, Sonstar follow him on Instagram @iam_sonstar

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