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Why Wiz Khalifa And Cardi B Were Beefing

Why Wiz Khalifa And Cardi B Were Beefing The Music Industry Report INC.
It all started Tuesday at 3:40pm, when Wiz posted a Tweet regarding the recent Grammy nominee list released. The Tweet read, A fan then commented on that Tweet saying it was a discrepancy that Cardi B won a Grammy over Nicki Minaj. Wiz then responded to the Tweet saying that most self made artists have that struggle. That's when Cardi B caught wind of the conversation and decided to show some old DM receipts of Wiz Khalifa in support of her career. She followed up with another Tweet condemning Wiz for entertaining Tweets that pit women against each other. That's when Wiz replied to the Tweet by clearing up the remarks and stating that he thinks Cardi is self-made aswell. It all ended when Wiz expressed that he didn't want a war between the two and cleared up beef rumors.


All in all, it sounds like it was misunderstanding between the two parties.


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