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Young Thug | The Rich Life | How He Spends & Earns His Fortune

Young Thug | The Rich Life | How He Spends & Earns His Fortune The Music Industry Report INC.

BeforeTheyWereFamous Young Thug is an American rapper with a unique musical style that some might see as a bit eccentric, but the success he’s found in the world of hip-hop has turned him into one of today’s hottest musical commodities with a net worth estimated to be in the range of around $8 Million according to sites like Celebrity Net Worth and Wealthy Gorilla.

Despite earning himself an absolutely astounding amount of money over the course of his career, Young Thug spends an awful large amount of that cash on people other than himself. Whether he’s buying artists signed to his label some of the nicest gifts you’ve ever seen, including a brand-new Rolls Royce Cullinan for Gunna or spoiling his closest friends -- like T.I. -- with an ultra-rare customized watch.

Yep, turns out that Young Thug caught the gambling bug at an early age and has never managed to shake it. Lucky for him, his singles, albums, and live concerts earn him so much money that as long as he’s being smart about his bets, it’s not something he should ever have to really worry about.

That goes double when you take into consideration all that extra cash he’s earning as the founder of YSL Records and their stable of talented artists like Gunna, Lil Duke, YSL Fargo, and more.

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