Lil Twist Took A Weed Charge For Justin Bieber

Lil Twist talks about the time he took a weed charge for Justin Bieber to protect his image.

Drew Dixon Lashes Out At Russell Simmons After The Breakfast Club Interview

Drew Dixon, spoke out on Twitter Wednesday against Russell Simmons on how he feels terrible that women "felt" they were victimized by him.

lil uzi vert yk osiris fight

Lil Uzi Vert took to his Instagram stories Friday night with a message saying, "I will knock YK Osiris Tf out" after being prompted to a boxing match.

kanye west protest

Kanye West walked the south side streets of Chicago with student protestors Thursday afternoon. The march was organized by activist Ja’Mal Green and other student protestors.

lil yachty drake

Lil Yachty just released his debut song "Oprah's Bank Account". In the music video, Yachty is dressed up as, Boprah, a spin-off character of Oprah on her TV show "O".

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