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Kanye West’s newly found salvation has certainly been welcomed by the Christian community. However, a few red flags concerning his Sunday service has the community questioning if he is really doing it for Christ or for alternative motives.

According to New York Post, Premier Christianity Magazine columnist, Tobi Oredein has expressed his concerns about Yeezys traveling Sunday service saying,

“My major issue with Kanye’s Sunday Services is that they appear to be exclusive clubs for the rich and famous. The average person can’t visit — instead, we’re kept at arm’s length merely watching on screens. A church — or any gathering led in Christ’s name — should be open to everyone.”


Oredein further explains the issue of inclusion being a problem highlighting the services are invite-only. The perception of the events feel more like an ad campaign for his music and Yeezy fashion brand.

“He’s employing a choir of people who are not only singing his songs, but are all dressed in his apparel,” Oredein ends with.

Other members of the online Christian community express their concerns as well. Kaleina, 68, feels her faith is being mocked “because of the strange and weird behavior of people like this man.”

“He may be trying to understand Jesus in his own limited way and we cannot judge another’s soul. People who follow Christ sense something is not right with this scene.” the commercial real estate professional tells The Post.

What do you feel Kanye’s true intention is? Comment your thoughts below.

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+1 # Guest 2019-09-30 22:09
I had no idea it was invite only and not open to the public, that's not a church.
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0 # Guest 2019-10-02 15:52
I feel the same
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