underground rap artist known as Blake da Burner has released his latest album, “Dancing with Satan.”(meaning being pick on by police) The LP has been released on the Floodwatch Entertainment music label he owns. A gargantuan and arresting hip-hop album from one of Virginia’s proudest, hardest-working and most naturally talented performers, “Dancing with Satan” contains 16 all-new and original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one heavy-hitting, sharply spitting hip-hop hour. In addition to Blake da Burner, the LP also features the skills of powerhouse rappers Hell Razah, Logic, and Mischief.

Blake da Burner is often likened to Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Kendrick Lamar and Two Chains. His rhymes are slick, well-written, and delivered with the style and power that comes from having rhythm and creativity in equal parts. Blake da Burner’s lines are witty, intelligent, and often humorous.

His performances on “Dancing with Satan” are truly stunning when his lyrical themes shift to socially conscientious, humanist and political themes, which form much of the basis some of his best material (“90 to Zero,” “New Drug”). The sound of the record varies widely, being often upbeat and excellent party / dance-floor material, but also sometimes profoundly beautiful, full of legitimate urban poetry and personal meaning, backed by some of the best music ever to grace a rap record (“Hallelujah” and “Joke’s on You”). An excellent official video for “Hallelujah” has been released for which a link has been provided below.

Blake da Burner’s single, “VA Put it Up,” was prominently featured on Hell Razah and Ghetto Government’s 2013 mixtape, “Return of the Renaissance,” which also featured tracks by such titans as Ghostface Killah and Automatik, in addition to Hell Razah, himself, previously of the popular Wu Tang Clan affiliates, the Sunz of Man. Hell Razah appears on track 2 of “Dancing with Satan,” “Get this Money.”

“Dancing with Satan” by Blake da Burner is available online worldwide. Get in early.

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