Black Man Found Hanging In Tree - Houston Texas

UPDATE: Houston Police identified the Latino man and suspect it was a suicide.

In Houston Texas, another man was found hanging in a tree Monday afternoon.

The body was found hanging in a tree located near Circle Saw Shop off 610 & Ella.

The owners of the shop have been receiving death threats but deny any involvement in the horrific event.

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A man was just found hung under a tree in Houston, TX at Circle Saw Shop off 610 & Ella. I was just there and spoke with the owner, Diana, who said they are receiving threats, but had nothing to do with his death. Update: A bunch of conflicting info came out yesterday while I was on scene all day. I do not believe the news reports, and personally asked the HPD Commander if he could definitively say that this was not foul play, and in front of a crowd of witnesses, he stated that he could not, yet then went and told the news that he was “pretty sure” this was a suicide. I was initially told by police on site and onlookers that the man hanging was black, at which time I posted my other post, then was told by the lead detective later in the day that the deceased was Hispanic but looked black due to decomposition. Listen, I believe the cops’ #1 job is to keep the peace and not let another riot happen here or across the country, and I believe that they told us what they wanted us to hear to avoid that happening. I was on site all day, and saw the evidence. It doesn’t add up to a suicide. I saw the tire tracks that led up to the tree where the man was hung. I saw his phone and headphones scattered across the field that the officers didn’t get in their earlier investigation. And I saw the pools of blood beneath his feet that were not consistent with hanging. I do not believe this was suicide. And I won’t stop trying to find out the truth. The real truth, not the convenient truth. #Houston

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