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Kanye West is firing back at the family of a little girl who has sued the rapper for using the kid's voice in one of his songs. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kanye is demanding the case brought by Andrew and Shirley Green be dismissed. The rapper denies all allegations of wrongdoing in the case.

Back in February, West was sued by Andrew and Shirley Green over his track “Ultralight Beam.” The song was featured on the rappers “Life of Pablo” album. They sought unspecified damages plus a cut of the album profits.

Andrew and Shirley Green are the legal guardians of a little girl named Natalie, whose voice is used in the opening of “Ultralight Beam.” The two adopted Natalie in 2012.

The sample that West used was taken from a viral video of then 4-year-old Natalie that featured her praying.

In their suit, they claim West reached out to Natalie’s biological mother, Alice Johnson, and got permission from her. They took issue saying Johnson had no legal right to give the permission. The guardians also claimed West promised to pay Johnson but didn’t even do that.


West admits that his lawyer reached out to Johnson and got verbal permission to use the sample of Natalie. He denies trying to do anything wrong and argues the case should be dismissed because his use was authorized. 

He also says the use of the sample in “Ultralight Beam” was fair use and wants the judge to throw the entire thing out. West is also requesting for Andrew and Shirley Green to be ordered to cover his legal bills.


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