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On Thursday, Drake fans all across the internet celebrated the five-year anniversary of "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" album. Most congratulated Drake but there was one individual who suffered major setbacks from the success of that project.

Quentin Miller, alleged ghostwriter for Drake took to Instagram to express his disappointment in the events that occurred five years ago. In the video he says,

Unfortunately, you know, I don't have the good memories about it that everybody has, you know. My good memories were all murdered." - Quentin Miller

Quentin further explained that during the time of Drake and Meek Mill's beef back in 2015, he was blindsided by a tweet Meek made exposing him as Drakes's ghostwriter.

Quentin lastly pleaded to record labels and publishers to take a chance on him as an artist saying,

"Give me the ball man. I see a lot of artists out here that I know for a fact I can box with."

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