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Image by IG @mister.paparazzi

Sara Molina came by The Music Industry Report Saturday night for an exclusive interview with TMIR's CEO, Will. In the phone interview, Sara responds to the recent out lashing of DJ Akademiks saying "Danny is telling Akademiks what to do."

"Danny is telling Akademiks what to do." - Sara

In the first part of the interview, Sara explains where the sudden attack came from and the motive behind DJ Akademiks' rant against her. "Danny and Akademiks still have open communication", she says as she unveils the true motive behind the out lashes. 

"Danny and Akademiks still have open communication" - Sara

The internet was puzzled at the random outburst from DJ Akademiks but Sara continued to explain Danny (Tekashi), was using Akademiks to cover up for his current actions. As we all know Tekashi 6ix9ine, has been in prison for some time now on indictment charges. It looks like Tekashi is desperately fighting to keep his name alive in the media and going to any length to make it happen. 

"I am not waving the white flag" - Sara

But Sara says "I am not waving the white flag". She strongly says she will not let the haters and naysayers keep her from being apart of the music industry in any way shape or form. She plans on building and cultivating her current fanbase and ultimately stick around for good. 


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