eminem music to be murdered by

It seems Eminem just can't stay away from controversies. His latest album, ‘Music to be murdered by', released on the 17th of January comes with no “promotion or pre-announcement” just like his previous album 'kamikaze'. Fans all over the world were, of course, thrilled to see a new album just 2 years after the last one.

However, the surprise album has not sat well with most critics due to its content and context. In 'Unaccommodating', the rapper went back to the unfortunate incident at Manchester Arena in 2017. His lyrics go;

“But I'm contemplating yelling 'bombs away' on the game like I'm outside an Ariana Grande concert waiting”.

CNN reported that the lyrics were troubling to Charlotte Hodgson, mother to one of the attack’s victims, labeling the lyrics as “disgusting” and “disrespectful”.

Eminem continues to rap in the perspective of perpetrators rather than victims, comparing himself to at least three serial killers in his latest album.

rihanna shaggy r9

In a recent interview, Shaggy has revealed how he was approached by Rihanna’s team to feature on the album. The catch was to audition for the role. He declined the invitation since he was not ready to audition.

justin bieber roddy ricch

It’s a new year and the fight for the top spot on Billboard Hot 100 has just begun. This time, the fight is between Justin Bieber and Roddy Ricch. Bieber's 'Yummy' sits at No.2, while Ricch's 'The Box' occupies the top spot.

Bieber, apparently not happy being No.2, started a campaign on Instagram to move his single to the top spot. In a series of photos, he reminded his fans that 'Yummy' is his comeback and he’d like it to be his sixth No.1 on the Hot 100 chart.

kanye west TI God approved

TMZ obtained video footage of Kanye's, first anniversary, Sunday service where he expressed that he believes what TI was doing was God approved.

blueface lil duval

Over the week, Blueface and Lil Duval have been beefing going back and forth about Blueface's comments.

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