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Image via Instagram @thereallilhaiti

At the age of ten years old, Lil Haiti was sent from his native home Haiti to Brooklyn New York. He was sent to further his future as a young boy and to give him the best opportunity possible. During the mid 2000s, while Lil Haiti was discovering his passion for music, his father unexpectedly passed away.

Lil Haiti's love and passion for music production came from his father, so he decided to pursue his music career in honor of him. Passionately, Lil Haiti worked on his craft as a producer and songwriter perfecting every song he created. He would eventually become friends with upcoming rapper, Kush Flo and starting a music group named (The Original Music Group).

lil haiti one

The two went on to create a viral sensation song titled “Wave” which became a hashtag challenge via Instagram. #HitTheWaveChallenge Not shortly after, Lil Haiti released “Low It Down” and “Good Vibe”, which have hit 10 million streams. “On purpose” which has reached 180 thousand streams and “Panicking” topping 908 thousand streams. If you would like too learn more about Lil Haiti or to listen to his music follow him on Instagram. @thereallilhaiti