kodak black

Kodak Black's mother Marcelene Simmons, has sought the services of attorney, Benjamin Crump, who is known for representing Trevon Martin's family against George Zimmerman. While visiting Kodak yesterday morning, Simmons and Crump were informed by officials at the prison that Kodak was being transferred to another prison facility in Kentucky. According to Crump, this act needs to be explained and calls for legal action.

In an interview with journalists, Crump told them that all Marcelene wants is to make sure Kodak stays safe while in prison facilities and doesn't end up dead. He insisted that the allegations leveled by Kodak must be taken seriously.

Marcelene, corroborating the story, told journalists that all she wants is to see her son, Kodak, safe and not get murdered in prison. She continued by outlining how important Kodak is to her and threatens to kill herself if Kodak does end up being murdered.