Dominate The Chart

DTC, or Dominate The Chart, is a progressive new music chart for indie artists. The competition is intended to highlight the hottest upcoming talent on the music scene. Contestants must reach certain levels in their musical journey to receive special ranks and medals.

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songwriting contest two

Ranks & Medals

Earn special ranks & medals as your song climbs the chart. Contest ranks represent what level artistry you are on and medals indicate what milestone you have passed. 


Level 1-3, Bronze, Silver, Gold Artist



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What Do You Win?

First place holders will win the following free services and promotions listed.

  • Weekly Social Shoutouts
  • Monthly Hip Hop Blog Posts
  • Cash Prizes
  • And so much more! 

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Submit Your Music

Sign up as an artist to submit your music to our songwriting competition. Have friends and fans vote your entry to the top. Remain number one to receive gifts & cash prizes, plus ultimate bragging rights. FREE to participate.

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Previous Winner

Our July 4th songwriting competition winner King Darius the Great, received $100 Cashapp and free promotion for his music. Learn more about King Darius by following him on Instagram @king_darius1st

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Songwriting Contest Image Via Pexels

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