Brooklyn New York native Juliana Rose, has always had a passion for music arts. Growing up she attended many music courses throughout middle and high school which fueled her passion for the arts. During her school years, Juliana became really good at recreating songs with new lyrics and melodies. 

Mo Jordan, aka Mo Lotto, known for his catchy sounds and emphatic hooks, has a true competitive edge over his competition. Currently enrolled at Buffalo State College, Mo Jordan has been studying the art of business marketing & networking. 

New artist Broski Musiq, originally born in Atlanta Georgia, traveled to New York in 2010 to pursue his music career. During his time in New York, Broski was able to link up with producers to complete an EP album titled "Lost In New York".  

New to the music scene artist Onestoptru, drops his latest single "One Hit Wonder". The song's chill mid-tempo vibe gives an exciting inside view of Tru's lifestyle. But the concept of the song is what really stands out the most.