L Joevon

A new book has surfaced written by a new aged Batman redefining the complexities of love. L Joevon professionally known as the 8rooklyn 8atman has been on a mission to change the mentality of others through music and storytelling, introducing us to his new book, ‘Seeds In The Concrete. ‘ Being able to change the matter of perception is not only the concept of, ‘Seeds In The Concrete,’ but it also embodies the struggle one faces every day.

L Joevon purpose has been to make self-awareness a way of life, being able to turn darkness to light. Overcoming being neglected in the foster system, changed Joevon’s perception on the system. Understanding what the system could potentially do to his psyche, Joevon transition into the street life from prostitution to selling drugs, this 9 year old boys life changed. Being surrounded by gang territory, Joevon got jumped into gang life developing a mature mindset in order to protect himself.

Fast forward Joevon’s life of crime forced him to sit down in the penitentiary resulting in, ‘Seeds In The Concrete.’ ‘Seeds In The Concrete’ is a nonfiction story based on true events. Acknowledging the obstacles in life this book is based on, ‘Fortunate Sons’ by Walter Mosley. Focusing on class, race and the different encounters he had in life.

The lead character is a man mixed with Italian and African, who’s struggling with chasing his dreams with no proper resources. Finding himself falling in love with the girl from the book store. The 8rooklyn 8atman has made his novel a multimedia experience. While reading ‘Seeds In The Concrete’ you can also scan the pages with your smartphone using the QR Scan app. Scanning the page plays a song signifying that chapter, not only are you reading a novel but you get to listen to the sound stack as you read.

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