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50 Cent is serious about his money. Now, he plans to continue pursuing legal action against Teairra Mari, who he claims owes him $30,000. After she dropped a diss track seemingly admitting she doesn’t have the money, we hear that 50 is ‘ready to retaliate.’

50 Cent, 43, heard the track Teairra Mari, 31, recently dropped, and he’s already got his next move planned. The former Love & Hip Hop star released a song titled, “I Ain’t Got It”, which appears to send him a message that she doesn’t have the money she owes him — a $30,000 payment for his legal fees after a judge threw out a revenge porn case she filed against him last May. “50 Cent will retaliate for Teairra Mari’s diss track, but it won’t be with another diss track,” a source close to the Power star tells HollywoodLife, EXCLUSIVELY. “He is not interested in giving her that kind of credit.” Instead, “50 will be using his lawyers to retaliate, who plan to use this song against her, to show the courts that she is not taking the situation seriously.”

While 50 certainly wants the money he’s owed, it’s not just about the dollar amount. “It’s about justice,” the insider says, adding that it was Teairra who tried to sue him and failed. “Now, he wants his payment. He is not going to let it go until he gets that money.”

“This is not a funny joke to 50 Cent — far from it,” the source adds, noting that the rapper is taking the issue very seriously. “Teairra’s song, mocking the whole thing, well she’s playing with fire, and there is no way 50 Cent will let her get away with that. He will make sure that the courts are made aware that she’s making a mockery of the justice system. He is very hopeful that this song could backfire on her the same way her lawsuit against him did.”

It’s been nearly one year since Teairra attempted to sue 50 after she claimed he was involved in a revenge porn act against her. She alleged her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad took over her Instagram account and posted a sexually graphic video. Teairra then accused 50 Cent, who is a friend of Akbar’s, of sharing one of the explicit images of her to his own Instagram. However, the image was removed, but Teairra still argued that her reputation had already been tarnished as a result of the post. Akbar denied the allegations at the time, telling HollywoodLife that he “had nothing to do with leaking this tape.”

A Los Angeles judge ultimately dismissed the case in January 2019, and ordered Teairra to pay $30,000 to 50 to compensate his legal fees. Since the case was thrown out, 50 has been trolling Teairra online and demanding his money.

The rapper posted a video on March 12, which appeared to show a process server delivering court papers to Teairra. “You can not run from the Law,” 50 captioned the Instagram video. “You have been served. [emoji] better give me my money B*tch,” he added.

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