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Meek Mill's new artist, Yung Ro stirred the internet up after he announced he wasn't going to spend his money on chains and jewelry. The controversial post caused many people to react including Blueface, who gave his opinion on the matter.

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After Blueface explained why he wouldn't sign a deal that didn't include helping his family and buying jewelry, Yung Ro took to Instagram to respond.

After Yung Ro posted the video he posted a DM conversation where Blueface explained in further detail what he meant by the whole misunderstanding.

yung ro blueface meek mill


Not shortly after Yung Ro and Blueface hashed it out, Yung Ro posted an Instagram story showing off his money with a caption saying, "Putting moms in a house today. This bigger then anything to me nothing can compare."

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Wack 100 Says Nipsey Hussle

Wack 100 says Nipsey Hussle wasn't a legend and explains why based on numbers and body of work.

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TMZ caught up with Wack 100 the other night to ask why he thinks Nipsey Hussle wasn't a legend. When asked the question, Wack 100 quickly replied saying, "He wasn't... Define a legend," then began to explain his definition of what a legend is.

Blueface had been receiving backlash from Wack 100's previous comments on the legendary status of Nipsey Hussle.

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JayDaYoungan chain

JayDaYoungan was walking off stage during a Greensboro, NC performance when he was suddenly grabbed and thrown to the ground. Allegedly someone took his chain when he went down but he later explains his chain fell off and someone stole it.

JayDaYoungan gets chain took

A giant brawl broke out after the lights came on and one witness shouts, "There's glass on the ground!" The offender who allegedly stole his chain posted a video on Instagram saying, "fu*k JayDaYoungan," while showing off the chain.

He later took to Instagram stories to explain more about what happened during the fight.

JayDaYoungan was also allegedly kicked out of a Greensboro shopping mall all in the same day. He posted a story with fans running behind him and security escorting him out.

gabrielle union agt hair

Gabrielle Union's AGT hair firing was not the only reason why she was let go from the show. Celebrities show their support and fans revive the #blackhairchallenge on Twitter.

According to Variety, Gabrielle Union was fired from AGT because “her rotating hairstyles were “too black” for the audience of “AGT.” But that is not the only reason why Gabrielle Union was fired from America's Got Talent.

Outside of receiving letters about her hair, Variety reports Gabrielle had been speaking up about other inappropriate comments that were made on the set of AGT. One involving a racial joke made by Jay Leno directed towards the Asian culture.

When Gabrielle insisted producers report the joke to NBC human resources, she was suddenly faced with the beginning of her cut from the second season of "America's Got Talent: The Champions."