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Image via The Blast

Onika aka Nicki Minaj, is asking the courts to conceal a video recorded of her by the ex-stylists Maher Jridi, who holds the video as part of his testimony in their lawsuit. Court documents obtained by The Blast say that Nicki and her lawyers filed a motion to prohibit the release of the video. In fear, Maher would release the video to hurt or damage Nicki’s reputation. 


Nicki states, “Jridi will not suffer any prejudice by entry of a confidentiality stipulation, in fact, his refusal to enter into such an agreement raises concerns that he intends to use the information and testimony for purposes other than to address the issues in this litigation.”

According to the documents, Maher has not agreed to - not release - the video to the public. In which Nicki now fears could be leaked for revenge purposes, not related to the issue at hand. This case is still undergoing and the judge has not made a ruling yet.

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