Offset pulled over in his new red ferrari

Offset was pulled over Monday for speeding in his new red Ferrari but sources tell TMZ, he wasn't going much faster than the posted speed limit.

Offset from the Migos Image via TMZ

Offset from the Migos image via TMZ

Offset was driving around WeHo West Hollywood when a police officer pulled him over for allegedly exceeding the speed limit of 35mph. In the images, you can see Offset was cooperative with the officer and according to TMZ, even hugged it out.

Offset pulled over in red ferrari

Offset from the Migos image via TMZ

Offset was let go with a warning and it even looks like Offset is saying, "My bad" in the images. The model of the Ferrari Offset bought a week ago is called, "Super Fast". The color red on the car is called, "Arrest Me Red".

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Cause he’s black
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