fan letter to yg

Late October 2019, YG invited a fan on stage to shout “F*** Donald Trump”. When the fan refused, he was humiliated in front of the crowd and escorted out of the venue at the advice of two security guards, for his safety.

Months after the incident, the fan has come out on social media with an open letter, claiming that YG put a target on his back that day. Austin, the fan, stressed that YG should get closer to God and be the man he’s supposed to be.

Image via @onthedottv

Austin described his emotions after the encounter, how nervous he was and also, how he prayed for YG. Stating the reason why he wrote the letter months after, he claimed he couldn't write the letter until he was sure he had forgiven the rapper which happened on the fourth of January.

Meanwhile, YG had his fourth studio album '4Real 4Real’ released in May 2019 and also did his 'Stay Dangerous Tour' in the same year.

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