ice cube joe biden

Ice Cube has been going in on Twitter researching and posting political and conspiracy theories about our current racial issues.

In one of his retweets, Cube reacts to an article published by CNN stating that Joe Biden, 2020 presidential candidate, was certain military would escort Donald Trump out of the White House if he loses and refuses to leave.

Read More: Biden 'absolutely convinced' military would escort Trump from White House if he loses and refuses to leave

According to CNN, Biden has expressed his concerns that President Trump will try to steal the 2020 election with faulty polling station is predominantly black areas and banning mail-in votes.

"They better do their jobs." - Ice Cube

This was not the only reaction or retweet Cube made. He has been tweeting non stop multiple articles and videos giving his opinion and theory on the matter. Check out a few more tweets he made.


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