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Do you want to know what the critics think of your music? Get a real honest music review written up about your latest release.

Music blog reviews can help increase your search ability on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our team of professional music critics write unique custom articles you can use for your PR campaigns.

What you get?

  1. Honest music blog review (200+ words)
  2. Interview (Phone)
  3. Links to all article reviews

How long does it take?

Article reviews take between 3-14 business days to come in depending upon which option you select. Reviews are gathered with in the campaign time frame.

Review Examples

Check out these quotes taken from pieces of previous artists review articles.

Quote 1: Link Example

"He defies his relative inexperience by filling each line he takes on with a dizzying amount of personality yet shows the canny instincts of an experienced performer with his ability to take rather commonplace lyrical content and elevate it several notches up the scale without ever losing the inherent rambunctious spirit behind the tune." - Levi Colston celebrityzones

Quote 2: Link Example

"Her harmonies are the cornerstone of every explosive moment of fireworks the song will contain, but unlike the original version of the track, the grooves are led more by her vocal stylings than they are any components within the percussion." - Mindy McCall - indiepulsemusic

We guarantee our reviews and placements. Find out what the blog critics will say about your music.