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Instagram Mega Shoutout

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Mega Shout Out Options

Test Blast (1-3 Day Campaign)

Reach 10k - 25k followers per account. Test blasts are best used to gather as much information on how the audience reacts to your content before scaling your marketing budget. 

Big Blast (3-5 Day Campaign)

Reach 25k-90k followers per account. Big blasts are great for releasing single songs and eps. Give the audience a portion of the whole project before you release it officially.

Mega Blast (5-7 Day Campaign)

Reach 100k-750k followers per account. Big blasts are best for releasing official projects like album releases or music video premiers. Schedule your release date and watch social media light up.

Elite Blast (7-10 Day Campaign)

Reach 750k-10M+ followers per account. Elite blasts are great for songs or content that are already buzzing and drawing attention. Push your content through the roof with top brand curators leading the music industry every day.


Get your music posted across our network of music pages reaching an audience in the millions. Reach new fans and followers looking for your type of music.

When will my campaign post?

The content curator will decide the approval and timing of your post. Each campaign is spread throughout a 3-10 day span depending upon the package selected. We allow the curators to pick the ideal times and posting styles to fit their audience. 

Please note there is a 3-day setup process to start your campaign.

How many accounts will I be posted on?

You can select between 3 and 5 different accounts to be posted on. Each option has a different grade of account following and reach. However, we select which account is appropriate for your content to create the best fit.

What happens after I purchase my campaign?

You will receive an instant email and text with further instructions on how to send your content and details to us. From there your campaign will