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The Best Music Promotion Services

Get all-around promotion for your music from Instagram shout outs, to TikTok reactions, and Youtube music promotion. This is the number one spot for online music promotion. Mix and match your own music promotion packages. Get started below!

Youtube Views

Youtube music video promotion is perfect for artists struggling to increase their Youtube music video views and engagement. Through our partnership with Promolta we provide Real Genuine Views And Engagement that are 100% Real & Safe.

Organically Increase Views

Real Comments

Viewers engage in commenting, liking, or even subscribing.

TikTok Reactions

The more reactions you get the better chance you have of going viral on TikTok . Get TikTok dancers to bust out some cool moves to your song. They will post them as reactions to help boost your visibility. Account followings range from 1000k to 25k followers and take up to 5 days to post. We will pick the best dancers for your music.

Example Reactions:


Instagram Shoutouts

Get shout-outs and re-posts on music trending Instagram accounts. Timeline posts, Reels, IGTV, or Stories, you can post your music across our network in any format. Every account has 100k or more followers and has high engagement in the music culture. We will send your post to our network of accounts below and they will post with in 1-3 days.

Checkout our network

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Our campaign went pretty good.

In all it was a good experience. it got our song out of the basement and gave it a bit of a push. Very professional

I’ll be back for more 💪

Great campaign. I’ll be back for another.

Looks legit 🤔

I might have to try this. Looks legit..

I need this!!!!!

Aye I need this ASAP!!!!!

My TikTok

My Tiktok campaign went great 💪💪

I recommend it

I got an email from them saying I’d get a free shoutout if I did a review... so here it goes 😅. It was a good service. My YouTube went up 1000 views and I knew they were real because they didn’t go away after a few hours. The shoutouts were nice but I missed out on the Tiktok part because I didn’t have a tiktok account. 🥴 ima get one though. Over all I recommend them. Good service 👍

Looks interesting 🤔

I need some serious promotion for my mixape. Does anyone know if this works?

Soon! 👌

Once I finish my next single I’m all over this!!! 🔥🔥