Artist Press Release

Gain credibility and recognition with a custom story tailored to your music.

What is a press release?

A press release is an official statement issued to news outlets giving information on a particular matter. This matter could be an upcoming show or the release of a debut album.

How does this help you?

You'll appear on search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo. You can use your article towards Instagram verification. (DISCLAIMER: We do not verify accounts nor partake in the process. Our articles are only to support the credibility of the artist and used for Instagram verification submission process only.)

See article examples.

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Radio Article Example - Tap Here

News Article Example - Tap Here

How does it work?

After payment, you will receive an email where you will send your bio, pictures, links and social tags. You can choose a launch date and time. Setup takes 3 days to complete before release.
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Press Release

Single Press Release

Article write-up with blog placement.

Base price: $150.00

National Press Release

Article write-up with blog & news station placements.

Base price: $250.00

World Press Release

Two article write-ups with global distribution. Reach the ...

Base price: $495.00