Apryl Jones And Lil Fizz break up

Months after announcing their relationship, Jones and Fizz have silently broken up. Jones already removed all of Fizz's photos from her page, while Fizz still has hers on his. While no one can confirm the cause of the breakup, a friend of Jones told our sources:

“It’s nothing scandalous. It’s just that their relationship ran its course and is over.”

It is no news that Jones used to be Omarion’s girlfriend. They announced their separation in 2016, four months after the birth of their daughter, their second child. Jones later went on to claim how unhappy she was in the relationship and also claiming Omarion offered little financial support for the children.

These allegations have all been ignored by Omarion. Lil Fizz used to be in the same music group as Omarion. B2K was officially formed in 2000, bringing about the name. It was comprised of five members, including the music producer, Chris Stokes. B2K separated in 2003 but reunited in 2019 for a city tour lasting 3 months.

It, therefore, came as a surprise when Jones and Fizz were reported to have been dating, as corroborated by the mother of Fizz’s children. They officially announced their relationship in October 2019. When Omarion learned of the intimate relationship between both, he broke off B2K and kicked the rest of the group from his upcoming tour.