Kehlani Reveals Break-Up With YG

Kehlani went from boo’d up in Konclusions to broken up on Valentine’s Day / Shameful. Shortly after the release of Konclusions with her boyfriend YG, Kehlani has followed up with a new song, Valentine’s Day (Shameful) announcing their breakup.

The R&B singer announced the split up on Monday, with accusations of YG cheating. On her newest release, Valentine's Day (Shameful), Kehlani admits to checking YG's phone while he was asleep, confirming her suspicions of an affair.

The two began dating in September 2019, but seem to be off and on due to YG’s infidelities. Both seemed to be working things out, with ‘Konclusions’ confirming their reconciliation.

"When I say I love you, that means I love you," sang Kehlani in the song, released last Friday. " No matter what conclusion we come to / I'm the one you run to. "

Valentine’s Day weekend appeared to be bittersweet for the singer as she did a complete u-turn by Valentine's Day (Shameful) through her social media accounts and streaming platforms like SoundCloud.

At one point she sings: "I'd say your name, but you don't deserve recognition." The break-up is the latest installment in the couple's on again off again relationship.

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