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Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne’s relationship go way back. Lil Wayne was actively involved in giving Bayless his nickname ‘Drip Bayless’ and had been on the 'Undisputed’ show. Through the years, they had become great friends to the extent of Bayless giving a shout-out to Wayne on the show last year for helping out a friend’s son battling cancer. He believes Lil Wayne to be an even better person than he is an artist.

Scroll 4:42 seconds into the video.

In a recent 'Truth or Dab' session thanks to Hot Ones, Skip Bayless alongside Shannon Sharpe had to reply truthfully to all questions thrown at them by the host. Along the line, the host asked Bayless what the last text message between him and Wayne was. His reply further shows us how deep their friendship goes.

Bayless claimed they had exchanged text messages two days prior to that episode of the show. Explaining the context of the texts, Bayless revealed that Wayne had gone to Saudi Arabia for a gig and was approached by someone called 'your excellency' on his choice between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, of which his choice was to be delivered to Miami some weeks later.

Their texts had revolved around how Saudi really is and Wayne’s choice of a Lambo. Bayless also revealed getting a 'Happy Birthday’ text from Wayne and also letting him know that the Lambo will be his for a limited time when he visits Miami.

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