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Born and raised in southwest Detroit, Michigan Vito Lays has truly made his mark in music industry history. At a very young age, Vito’s father discovered his sons hidden rapping & writing talent. Often times his father and friends would point to different objects in the room while Vito pulled together freestyle lyrics on the spot. 

Those memorable moments with his father prepared Vito for rap battles at school, which he quickly established a name for himself in the hallways. Later, after many battles with drugs and alcohol, Vito’s father passed away, leaving him to raise himself. 

Vito was forced to choose real life over dreams and his musical talent. Entangled in the fury of the justice system, Vito fought his way through many charges presented against him. For most artists after going through so much trauma there would typically be a silver lining in the sky but not for Vito. He ended up losing his cousin Rokey, and his brother in law to the street life. 

“If I could meet this guy…I would rap again” - Vito Lays

Things eventually started to turn around for Vito as he pressed forward. Telling his friends, ‘If I could meet this guy.. I would rap again”. He eventually not only met but befriended super producer Helluva. The two went on to create smash hit records with Vito Lays laying the hooks and Helluva on the beats. These songs were sent to various artists landing them record deals, leading to millions of streams.

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All was well, fans were singing the very hooks Vito created in the studio with Helluva and things were starting to finally look up, until he was framed by police after a drug raid leaving him to fight multiple charges and a 25 year sentence. Vito didn’t back down but overcame the obstacles and all cases were dismissed making him a free man. 

Taking these events as a wake up call Vito started focusing more on writing songs with Helluva and establishing United Sounds Studios as a musical landmark. Currently, Vito is ready to take on his own career path. His features on DJ Enuff’s website for Hot 97, Hype Off Life, Urban Magazine, and most recently ‘The Fly Zone’ show hosted by Trick Trick via Shade 45, have pushed him ahead.

If you’d like to learn more about Vito Lays follow him on Instagram @vitolays

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