Offset pulled over in his new red ferrari

Offset was pulled over Monday for speeding in his new red Ferrari but sources tell TMZ, he wasn't going much faster than the posted speed limit.

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Joycelyn Savage dropped more shocking details on the situation she went through with R Kelly. She talks about staging interviews and being forced to swallow R Kelly's urine.

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Ray J went live last night in search of his wife Princess. According to the video, Ray J says Princess disappeared while in Vegas and is not responding to him. He also mentions possible divorce and is telling fans to comment under her social media saying, "Let Ray J see his daughter." Watch both videos below.

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Tavares Taylor, also known as Lil Reese, was shot in the neck Monday afternoon at a busy intersection in Markham and Country Club Hills, Illinois. Police responded to a call made on 167th street and Pulaski Rd around 2:30pm after witnesses heard 12 gunshots go off.